13 October 2009


At last an affiliate programme that works!!!Check it out it is completely free and you get step by step help on how to make it work.It is basically a free shopping website for you to run and promote you can even buy credits to sell your unwanted stuff on the shop and it works out cheaper than Ebay,click on the link and sign up with me and i will be with you every step of the way......lets earn some money at last!!!!!Each time you refer a customer to your TripleClicks.com store, you set yourself up to receive commissions of up to 72% of the total commissionable volume on any purchase from that customer for life!
Best of all, referring customers is easy because it's FREE, quick and simple for customers to register at TripleClicks.com. Referring customers is also easy because TripleClicks is fully international and offers a growing array of shopping and services wanted by millions of people worldwide.http://www.tripleclicks.com/10575735

07 May 2009

Free Surveys For Cash: MyView | Make Cash Online Paid Surveys

Free Surveys For Cash: MyView Make Cash Online Paid Surveys

04 May 2009

valued opinions

Just a quick post to let you all know that i just received a £10 gift voucher from Valued Opinions.They send regular surveys usually a pound each and you can exchange them for vouchers,there are lots of vouchers available HMV,Amazon,Argos they are really good and I would recomend to anyone http://www.valuedopinions.co.uk/

23 April 2009


No Start Up Fees
Blogging is a great way to express yourself and show the world how we feel,but there is also money to be made at the same time.The first thing you need to do is find a niche market something with as little competition as possible,failing finding a niche blog about something you care about or know a lot about.Content is the thing that makes blog's go round the better the content the better the blog.
There are numerous places you can write a free blog but i would recommend right here where you are reading this http://www.blogger.com/home it free and really easy to use and it sets up Adsense for you which is where you can make some cash.Adsense is Google advertising on your blog the adds are the based on the content of the blog and you get paid per click, there is also a adsense for search where you get a Google powered search bar on your blog and you get paid per search if you go to the Monetise tab on your dashboard and it will set it up for you.
Clickbank is another way of making some cash online create an account its free http://www.clickbank.com/index.html now you can choose a product to sell on your blog you go to the "market place"you need to look for the highest %read anything over 75% is ok,then copy and paste the link in to your blog,easy!!
Get your blog out there apply to the search engines here, http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspx?FORM=WSUT Live Search
https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit Yahoo Search
http://www.google.co.uk/webmasters/ Google
Its all about the traffic now,getting people to your blog,advertise on the free adds sites Gumtree is a good one there are loads though.Your can ping your blog to all the major blog directories a good way to improve traffic to your blog and traffic means cash..ping you blog here,
http://pingomatic.com/ only ping when you have added new content and don't over ping!
Just before i go one more for you you may have noticed my toolbar its great live tv,radio,gadgets you could make one and give them away here http://accounts.conduit.com/login/ this is a brilliant site you can mess around with it all day.You get paid per installation of your toolbar so the opportunities are great to earn a bit of extra cash.Anyway i'm still learning but this is what i have found useful on my quest to earn a few extra £££ any comments are welcome be lucky,Mark
No Start Up Fee

20 April 2009

Easy Money

No Start Up Fees
If you download the Bux Autoclicker from the link below, you can sign up to the Bux network.They pay you for every advert you sit and watch for 30 seconds then you click and along comes the next one,a bit tedious huh?The auto clicker does it all for you just put in your username and password and it searches for add for you and clicks them,i keep it on the clicking module thats says every minutes between 1-2 and i don't seem to have any probs.Now i'm not sure if they pay out yet because it takes a while to get to the payout threshold but if you have a blog do what i do and convert the cash to clicks then your blog will go into their database for people to click on.Once again as you would expect there is No Start Up Fee for any of them so enjoy.
Just a quick update on Survey Scout they have now stopped replying to my tickets after offering me a refund so ill keep you posted but my advice is to stay well away!
No Start Up Fee